Bathory Files is now available!

Bathory Files is coming!!!! It will be out February 28, 2019!

The Bathory Files

Due to some unforeseen circumstances the Bathory Files is delayed to Feb. 28 2019, I promise Victoria and Armand are worth the wait.





The box set of the first 3 books is also available on Amazon.

The society Files is now available. Jump back in and join Flynn and Delphine on her first solo mission.



1901 The Society Files is with the proofreader now and will be available July 30, 2018. This the third in the Series follow Delphine and Flynn as they go after a Society bent on wiping supernaturals off of the earth.


1718 The Blackbeard File is available on Amazon now Free in KU.


1718 The Blackbeard files will be available on Amazon March 12!

The cover for 1718 The Blackbeard Files is here!!! Check it out on the blog.


The second book in the series 1718 Blackbeard Files is off to the editor. Tetnative publication date March 2018. Cover reveal soon!


The audiobook for 1888 The Ripper Files is now available! Find it on Audible, I tunes and other popular audiobook retailers. In the UK and want a free review copy? Shoot me a message in the contact section.





The ripper files book is now available on Kobo, Amazon, I books, and Barnes and Noble. Print available on Amazon and B&N.


Universal link: books2read.com/u/38grKZ

“Welcome to Jack the Ripper 101. My name is Dr. Teagan Faelynn. I know the true identity of history’s most notorious serial killer – because he came for me.”

The discovery of a new Ripper letter sends Teagan on a journey to London… or so she thinks. But she finds herself plunged into a hidden world of witches, fairies, dragons and Valkyries – and that’s just her friends.

How can Teagan hunt the Ripper and bring him to justice? In the modern world, or in a secret Victorian England where nothing is as it seems?

Join the Paranormal Institute for Research and Rescue.

And travel back in time to solve a centuries-old mystery – if you survive…